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SmokinStangs - Launches Updated Website

Now that is going on it's 6th year, we felt it was time to bring the site up to speed! Consider this a "Re-lauch" if you will!

Our overall goal was to freshen things up, as well as to introduce some new features, and provide an additional area where-as we could further showcase our SMOKIN Community, members, and rides!

"Welcome to the new age!"

For 2015 we ended up fortifying our communities industry wide presence. With each and every passing year...the SmokinStangs community both grows, and fortifies it's presence.

Continually, we try to move the bar, even if it's just a an effort to make a lasting impact within the "World of Mustang." On a signature basis, we have produced several/annual "Profesional Grade" Videos/Short Films specifically "featuring & highlighting" members rides. At a mimimum this is a tradition we hope to continue for a long time.

As of today, October 13, 2015 we are patiently awaiting the release of our 2nd Annual SmokinStangs video. This will be a follow up to our Block Buster "Ford Mustang - 50 Years of Awesome" video! We weren't sure if we could top the "original" first one, but after witnessing the production & raw footage first hand...we are confident in the fact, that we did! Upon it's release we will be sure to post it up, both here in the SmokinStangs blog, and over on the SmokinStangs forum (and everywhere else we can of course).

With this "Re-launch"...we now look ahead to 2016. We are looking to make an even bigger impact witihin the industry. We hope you all stay tuned...and join along with us for the ride!

If your an existing SmokinStangs member, you get a big "Thank you" along with a big "Thumbs up" from us! If your not, we ask that you take a minute of your time to please join the SmokinStangs community by registering now. As a registered member you will gain full site-wide access to additional content, photos, and well as share in on any site based communications.

Thank for reading, and we'll see you on the site!

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