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"It's a movement, it's the scene, it's the owners and their rides, a unified understanding, a common bond, pride of ownership, chance meets turned friendships, respect for others, building and creating, sharing and improving, cruising, driving, racing, and showcasing.   These are just some of the key elements that make up the DNA of SmokinStangs.



- Conceived in 2009, and then officially launced back on January of 2010 / Almost Six (6) years strong.

- The SmokinStangs Mustang Forum currently has over 40,000 posts.

- Creator of the SmokinStangs Laconia Northeast Mustang Rally  / Three (3) years strong (2011, 2012, & 2014)

- Countless notable and respected members buids & rides (Widely recognized by industry wide publications)

- We have and/or know the preeminent Mustang gurus/movers and shakers

- We are well respected among our peers, and highly regarded within the Mustang Community

- Our members know their Mustangs, and what makes them tick. They use the Forum to Share & Showcase.

- We are detail orientated, serious about performance, and comprised of active & proud owners.

- We now have a couple of seriously "Kick Ass" MUSTANG/Industry based videos launched under our belt.

- Our seriously SMOKIN "Ford Mustang - 50 Years of Awesome" video has had over 100k views to date.

- We are social. As seen on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

- Our YouTube Channel currently has over 700 Subscribers, over 150 Videos, and over 400K Views to date.


When it comes to Mustangs, Mustang Knowledge, Mustang Websites, Mustang Forums, Mustang Clubs, and even Mustangs as presented on Social Media...we know, understand, and acknowledge that you have countless options. SmokinStangs doesn't claim to be the biggest, the baddest, nor the most well known. What we are though, is steady, persistant and passionate, all of which has allowed us to steadily grow...all while gaining the trust of many. Regardless of whether your a registered member, or simply a guest visitor of the site..we value your interaction.


If your a long standing member of the SmokinStangs community..."We applaud you & Thank you!" If your new to SmokinStangs, we would like to extend a big "Welcome," and we encourage you to explore all that we have to offer!

Explore the world of SmokinStangs! - Mustang Forum
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